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     Conception Bay South, Newfoundland

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Mining Fatalities at Wabana, Newfoundland

October 10, 1898 Edward Power St. John's Dynamite explosion
October 10, 1901 Edward Kavanagh Bell Island Runaway car
December 20, 1902 William Glavine
Pat Fitzgerald
Green Bay
Bell Island
Runaway car
Runaway car
August 17, 1904 William Bugden Bell Island Run over by car
May 12, 1905 Charles Petten
Peter Doyle (Age 14)
Conception Harbour
Dynamite explosion
November 26, 1905 Pat Curran Conception Harbour Dynamite explosion
November 13, 1906 Michael Smith Brigus Caught in machinery
June 1, 1907 Chas Dav Old Shop, Trinity Bay Dynamite explosion
July 28, 1907 Hubert Bruce Long Harbour Run over by car
September 2, 1907 Peter Bray Harbour Grace Fall of ground
September 26, 1907 Edward Halleran Holyrood Struck by car
Novermber 25, 1907 Edward Pendergast Harbour Main Fall of ground
January 24, 1908 Edward Gaul Topsail Road Runaway car
February 22, 1908 John Walsh Conception Harbour Dynamite explosion
February 28, 1908 Richard Delaney Bay Roberts Runaway car
February 29, 1908 Michael Bolger
Bernard Moriarity
Jordan Deering
Portugal Cove
Harbour Grace
Dynamite explosion
Dynamite explosion
Dynamite explosion
February 29, 1908 Charles Thomas Bell Island Caught in belt
March 5, 1908 James Murphy Plate Cove Fall of ground
March 14, 1908 ?? Hunt Conception Harbour Explosion
March 16, 1908 George Antle Victoria Dynamite blast
July 10, 1909 John King Placentia Caught between cars
March 10, 1910 Pat Abbott Portugal Cove Dynamite blast
June 15, 1911 Jas Whelan Conception Harbour Crushed by cars
June 16, 1911 Thos Hawco Harbour Main Struck by cars
October 12, 1911 Fred Taylor St. John's Runaway car
July 3, 1912 John Bursey Pilley's Island Dynamite blast
August 26, 1912 Pat McEvay Haricott, Placentia Bay Fell from loading shute and drowned
February 17, 1913 William Seward Heart's Ease Fall of ground
March 13, 1913 Michael Dinn Salmonier Dynamite blast
July 10, 1913 Peter Wade Conception Harbour Run over by car
July 10, 1913 Peter Winters Pool's Island Struck by car
January 31, 1914 J.J. McKenzie Nova Scotia Struck by 20-ton car
February 14, 1914 Pat Hanlon St. Mary's Struck by stockpile shovel
February 27, 1914 Elisha Smith Bell Island Struck by car
March 21, 1914 Ambrose Clarke Harbour Grace Fall of ground
August 22, 1916 Steward Luffman
Thos. Wall
John Rose
Thos Gill
Bell Island
Bell Island
Portugal Cove
Conception Harbour
Dynamite explosion
Dynamite explosion
Dynamite explosion
Dynamite explosion
April 2, 1917 William Hennessey Kelligrews Dynamite blast in pier tunnel
April 11, 1917 Peter Fitzgerald Bell Island Dynamite blast in mine
July 13, 1917 Dennis Power Bay Roberts Clothes caught in cable and drew him into engine
November 6, 1917 Edward King Perry's Cove Fall of ground
January 12, 1918 Pat Kelly Bell Island Boom of hoist fell on him at pier
October 16, 1918 Ed. T. Barnes Harbour Grace At construction work
May 5, 1919 Isaac Crann Placentia Runaway car
May 10, 1919 George Bishop Kelligrews Fell of boiler in power plant
July 16, 1919 Jas Pynn Bristol's Hope Struck by car
July 24, 1919 Albert Walsh St. John's Run over by surface ore car
September 12, 1919 Richard Lahey Bell Island Runaway car
May 8, 1920 John LeGrow Broad Cove Struck by car
November 30, 1920 Samuel Penney Bell Island Dynamite blast
September 26, 1922 Henry Sheppard Harbour Grace Fall of ground
August 9, 1923 Thos Whelan Bryant's Cove Fall of ground
November 28, 1923 Samuel Murphy Colliers Run over by car
May 1, 1924 Robert Yetman Bryant's Cove Coal fence came in on him
May 1, 1924 Walter Dwyer Bell Island Electrocuted
May 21, 1927 Edward Dwyer Bell Island Struck by car
August 30, 1927 Sydney Warford Bell Island Fell into shaft
February 28, 1928 Samuel Cobb Bell Island Dynamite blast
January 13, 1929 Angus MacDonald
(Asst. Manager)
Bell Island Died of blood poison, after accident in mine
June 13, 1929 Jas Leo Fitzpatrick Bell Island Run over by electric shovel
July 24, 1930 John Costello Bell Island Thrown from car
August 5, 1931 Frank Costello Bell Island Run over by car
March 15, 1934 Thos Sweeney Bell Island Struck head against roof while riding trip
July 4, 1935 John W. Gosse
Edmond Mercer
Bell Island
Bell Island
Fall of ground
Fall of ground
April 14, 1936 William Lane Bell Island Run over by cars
July 15, 1937 Martin Sheppard Bell Island Fall of ground
September 30, 1937 William Power Bell Island Dynamite blast
April 27, 1938 Samuel Chaytor
Robert Bowdring
Bell Island
Bell Island
Explosion of gas
Explosion of gas
June 11, 1938 John Brazil Spaniard's Bay Run over by surface ore car
June 22, 1939 Hector Cobb
Thos Butler
Bell Island
Bell Island
Struck by 20-ton car
Fall at the pier
November, 1942 Hayward George Bell Island Fall of ground
September, 1945 Michael Kennedy Bell Island Fell into engine room of ore boat
October, 1949 Randell Skanes
James Butler
Bell Island
Bell Island
Runaway car
Runaway car
March, 1951 Joseph Anthoney Bell Island Struck his head
May 15, 1951 Sam Peach Salmon Cove Fall of ground
January 11, 1952 Joseph Bunce Bell Island Struck by ore car
March 20, 1952 Reginald Dobbin Bell Island Cave-in
March 4, 1953 John Connolly Bell Island Caught in belt
June 17, 1953 Michael Nugent Bell Island Struck by ore car
September 4, 1953 Harold Dean Bell Island  
September 11, 1953 Gerald Shea Bell Island Ore car collision
March 2, 1954 William Anthony Bell Island Cave-in
December 11, 1954 Richard Butler Bell Island Cave-in
September 26, 1955 Alphonsus Hawco Bell Island Went over clift
January 28, 1958 Albert Slade Salmon Cove Cave-in
November 6, 1959 James Kelloway Salmon Cove Jammed between cars
October 13, 1960 Gerald Costello Bell Island  
November 11, 1961 Ernest Vokey Bell Island Cave-in
June 5, 1964 Walter C. Rees Bell Island Cave-in
March 4, 1965 Leander Gosse Bell Island Cave-in
May 12, 1965 William Miller Bell Island Jammed between ore cars
October 22, 1965 Patrick Kelly Bell Island Explosion
Excerpts from "The Beautiful Isles" by Rev. John W. Hammond - Transcribed by Vi Smith, May 2000



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