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     Conception Bay South, Newfoundland



Last Will and Testament of Frederick Chaytor, 1926

Probated June 10th, 1932

This is the last will and testament of me Frederick Chaytor, Farmer, of Chamberlains in the Electoral District of Harbour Main, Newfoundland.

I give and bequeath, my dwelling house and household furniture unto my beloved wife Ruth Chaytor for her own use and benefit during her life-time, or as long as she remains unmarried and at her death or remarriage the said dwelling house and household furniture shall become the property of my son Frank Chaytor and my daughter Alethea Chaytor is to find a home in my dwelling house until she can make or find a home for herself elsewhere.

My sheep and cows I leave for the support of my family subject to the management of my wife Ruth Chaytor as long as she lives or remains unmarried.

My land on the Ridge, bounded by James Sladeís land on the west, that of Tobias Mercer on the south, James Sladeís land on the North, and the Road on the East. Also my garden bounded by Joseph Fowlerís land on the North East and the road leading towards Chamberlains Pond on the South-West, I bequeath to my son Herbert Chaytor.

My Marsh land on the Southern side of the said road, I bequeath to my aforesaid son Frank Chaytor.

The garden west of the old dwelling house I bequeath to the both of my said sons Herbert and Frank Chaytor, equally, as pasture land for their cattle.

My land near my dwelling house on both sides of the Railway, I wish my wife and sons to work conjointly with each other. And at my wifeís death or remarriage my son Herbert Chaytor is to have his choice of my two gardens situated the one north and the other on the south of the Railway line.

My son Herbert Chaytor is to have the use of my stable and a portion of my land on which to build a dwelling house should he need it. And I appoint James Chaytor Executor of this my Will. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand, this Thirteenth day of September in the Year of Our Lord, One Thousand Nine-Hundred and Twenty-Six.

Frederick Chaytor


Signed by the said Frederick Chaytor, the testator, in the presence of us, who, in his presence and in the presence of each other, have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses.

Arthur Pittman, Clerk in Holy Order

Lewis Andrews, Teacher

Letter of Probate

Scanned front page of will




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