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Charles Warford
     Conception Bay South, Newfoundland

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Will for Charles Warford of Hopewell
#592 - Charles Warford To George F. Warford

Fee $7.00

Be it remembered that on the 11th day of April A.D. 1934 at 12:30 o'clock p.m. a certain Conveyance was deposited for registration which was proved upon the certificate for F.R. Furneaux, which was duly registered as follows:  (signature of registrar: examined Apl. 11/34 M.K./ initialed G.B.?) Registrar.

Deed of Gift.  To all people unto whom these presents shall come.  I, Charles Warford of Lance Cove in the District of Harbor Main in the dominion of Newfoundland, Farmer do send greeting:  Know you that I the said Charles Warford for divers good causes and valuable consideration me hereunto moving, have given, granted and by these presents do give, grant and confirm unto my son George Frederick Warford the undermentioned property which he is to take possession of at my death viz: dwelling house goods and chattels, stable, cellar, all my agricultural implements and loose gear about the place and all my cleared and uncleared land except six acres I give to my son Edward Thomas- The land that all my erections are on is bounded on the North by William H. Warford, South by the Main road leading to Holyrood, East by William Robert Warford and west by George Warford, Also piece of land situated by Lawrence's Pond bounded on the East by Peter Coates, West by the late Noah Dawe's land, North by the road and south by the late William Warford's land.  Also one half of that piece of woodland situated in Lance Cove containing twelve acres which is to be divided equally between my son George Frederick and my son Edward Thomas. The said land is bounded on the North by the pond.  South by the main road leading to Holyrood.  East by Abram Morgan of Edward and west by William Harvey -To have and to hold all and singular the above mentioned property of me the said Charles Warford unto the said George Frederick Warford his heirs executors, administrators and assigns from henceforth to his own proper use and uses thereof with all paths passages, water, watercourses, rights, privileges and appurtenances, of all which premises I the said Charles Warford have put the said George Frederick in full and peaceable possession by virtue hereof.  In witness whereof I the said Charles Warford have hereunto set my hand and seal at Kelligrews this 9th day of June A.D. 1926.  Charles (his X mark) Warford (LS) Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of (having been first read over) Frances F. Furneaux, Commr. of Supreme Court.

Charles Warford was my mothers paternal grandfather.  This is the document as I have it.   The William Robert and George Warford mentioned in the above document were the half brothers of Charles Warford.  They sharing the same father, Jacob Warford.

Susan Lawrence - Dated March 28, 2000


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