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     Conception Bay South, Newfoundland

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This is a complete of persons buried in the Salvation Army Cemetery located on Pocket Road off Anchorage Road in Long Pond. To those who may have moved away from home, Anchorage Road used to be called Dawe's Road. In any transcribing or reading of tombstones there is the possibility of errors so if anyone reading this list know of any I have made I would appreciate you letting me know. It is so easy to read the date on a stone wrong especially when they get older and worn. I can be reached at

I have entered them in rows to make it easier for anyone to locate them if they should visit the cemetery. As you go through the gate Row # 1 starts by the fence at your left and proceeds from the front of the cemetery to the rear.

Row #1

In loving memory of Susannah beloved wife of Allan DAWE Died August 23, 1966 Age 63 yr.

Our dear father Allan DAWE Born August 23, 1895 went to heaven May 13, 1976. Stone erected by the family.

Our dear father Walter DAWE Born March 25, 1893 went to heaven July 8, 1971. Stone erected by family

Abbie, beloved wife of Walter DAWE went to heaven January 9, 1969   Age 72 yr. Stone erected by her family

Herbert DAWE  March 8,1932- September 25, 1987

HAYWOOD, In loving memory of a dear wife, mother and daughter Born November 15, 1942 Died April 25, 1981 Stone erected by Paul, Heather and husband Rick.
(I don't know if I missed her first name or it wasn't on the stone)

STANLEY, Brigadier William December 11, 1902 - February 6, 1991
Wife. Mrs. Brigadier Margaret (Dawe) July 13, 1905 - March 2, 1991

Auntie Eliza J. (Brig) STANLEY 1899 -1992

PORTER Blank George H. December 4, 1914 - September 12, 1984

Space for wife. In loving memory of a loving husband and father Thomas Henry (Stewart) RALPH   May 19, 1910- January 8, 1980

In loving memory of a dear wife and mother Violet NOSEWORTHY Died March 23, 1979  Age 65 yr. Stone erected by Husband David and family

In loving memory of Wilson WALTERS 1912 - 1977
Bessie WALTERS 1908 - 1979 Stone erected by the family

FAGAN Clara  September 21, 1914-April 16, 1998     Alexander  1913-1973
Stone erected by Clara and family

In loving memory of Gordon Augustus beloved son of Elsie and Melvin BURRY who accidentally drowned on March 22, 1970 Age 21 yr. and 4 months

EASON, Nichole July 28, 1990 Our little angel

Row # 2 (From rear of cemetery working back to front.)

In loving memory of Alfreda JERRET  Died March 6, 1973  Age 81 yr.

Next two in same plot
In loving memory of William C. BUTLER (Brud) 1915 -1975 Stone erected by wife and family
In loving memory of Eliza Jane 1916 -1991 Stone erected by family

In loving memory of Douglas RIXON  December 21,1918- May 5,1975 Stone erected by family

SMITH Adam H. 1913-1981    Eleanor 1905-1981

BUTLER Gerald W. October 3, 1952-December 8, 1982
Stone erected by son Wayne and Ashley and Weir Construction

BUTLER Uriah (Roy) Born May 17, 1925; Died April 10, 1999. Husband of Minnie (Button), Brownsdale, Trinity Bay.  Resided in Foxtrap.  Leaving to Mourn his fourteen children, Gerald, Lorraine, Clyde, Reg, Sandra, Sylvia, Beverly, Carol Ann, Charles, Ronald, Christopher, Gregory, Tony and Shawn.  Son of Charles Freeman Butler and Bessie Vaughn. (Bessie was raised by Zachery and Mary Ann Dawe as indicated on the 1921 census, Bessie was considered to be adopted by the Dawes but we have found no evidence of this.  Bessie's mother was Charlette Vaughn. Later Parsons)  Son of Uriah and grandson of Charles Butler.  Employed as yard foreman for 44 years at Chester Dawe's Lumber.

MARSHALL (blank)    Ralph 1916-1985

PORTER Levina 1912-1993    Ronald G. 1909-1985

Clairenda Wilfred 1916- 1915-1986

PORTER  Edgar 1917-1987

PORTER Selina 1898-1988    James 1887-1985

PEACH Brig. Olive January 18, 1907 - June 26, 1926

Row # 3 (Front to rear)

STEAD (blank)    Daisy 1934-1996

RIDEOUT (blank)    Gilbert November 4,1917-September 6,1996
Stone erected by Edward, Christopher, Linda, Paul and Janice

CHAYTOR Father Ernest W. 1933-1996    Mother Helen L. 1935-

BUTLER Wife Winnie 1912-    Husband Samuel J. 1912-1996

Wooden Cross No name

Edwin (Bob) BUTLER Cape Briton Highlanders WW2 1922-1991 Lest we forget
BUTLER  Edwin (Bob) November 18, 1922-August 7, 1991  St. John's Fire Dept.
Lorna May June 6, 1930-February 10, 1991

DAWE Raymond June 9, 1920-December 24, 1993    Mary Pearl July 30, 1918-July 17,1987

Margaret MORGAN December 26, 1923-December 4, 1984

Gordon BONNELL June 21, 1909-April 3, 1993

Deborah Susannah BONNELL  September 19, 1915- August 26, 1980

Susie Belle ROYLE  1927-1978

HASKELL Beatrice 1919-1997    Felix 1904-1974

Row # 4 (Rear to front)

In loving memory of Rose Marie NOSEWORTHY July 20, 1942-July 14, 1976

Unmarked grave next to her

BURSEY Clifford June 4,1916-April 28,1985    (blank)

Terrence (Terry) SNOW May 13, 1965-August 4, 1988

Mary Elizabeth PEACH wife of James 1930 - 1994

Unmarked grave

Ivan HISCOCK October 26, 1937-June 24, 1994

Wooden Cross Gayle BUTLER No dates

Wooden Cross No name or dates

KENNEDY Wife Olive 1915-1997    Husband Robert 1913-1997

RIDEOUT (blank)    Lucy December 16,1927-May 13,1997

Row # 5 (Front to rear)

Glady's CASSELL October 1, 1946-May 5, 1998

Wilmore D. DAWE 1947-1994

HISCOCK (blank)    Douglas R. May 25, 1908-February 11,1992

Mary Ann BAIRD December 11, 1906-February 26, 1991
(Husband Alexander buried in All Saints Cemetery # 3)

Marion DAWE 1916-1990

Irene GREEN July 14, 1901-December 25, 1989

Harry MACEY 1917-1986 Age 69 yr.

In memory of Maisie BUTLER May 11, 1986 Age 59 yr.

Anita WOODLAND Age 28 yr. By Foster mother Mrs. Harold Tilley. No date given

Row # 6 (Rear to front)

SMITH William August 28, 1904-September 17, 1988

EASON John 1927-1994    Elsie 1935-

Unmarked grave

Row # 7 Rear to front

Bertram EASON 1920-1993

STRATTON (blank)    Llewelyn A. 1926-1993

Row # 8 (Rear to front)

David HAGGETT 1933-1991

DAWE Olive G. 1920-1955

In memory of Donald PORTER April 20, 1953 9 months
Also Cyril PORTER Drowned on July 10, 1973 Age 25 yr.

TILLEY In memory of my dear mother and father
Levina 1880-1971    Robert H. 1870-1946 Stone erected by Clairenda

Eli TAYLOR 3672 Private Royal Nfld. Reg. April 21, 1961 Age 62 yr.

Row # 9 Front to rear

Eber William TAYLOR Died 1953 ? Name written on Beach rock

Next two in same plot
In memory of Edith beloved wife of William SAUNDERS September 7, 1970 Age73 yr.
In memory of William SAUNDERS beloved husband of Edith  January 11,1956 Age 59 yr.
William SAUNDERS Royal Nfld. Reg. 1897-1956

Next three same plot
Linda PORTER 1957-1970
Graham PORTER 1952-1966
William PORTER 1943-1953

In loving memory of Tasker beloved son of Frederick and Minnie PORTER who was
accidentally killed on October 12, 1959 Age 22 yr. Stone erected by family

Minnie PORTER 1916-1992    Blank

William C. KENNEDY May 11, 1926-November 3, 1958

3 unmarked graves

Wire Fence surrounding a grave

In fond and loving memory of a dear son and brother Daniel Arthur HAGGERT
May 1973-October 1973

Mary Matilda (CREWS) HAGGETT 1911-1969

Unmarked surrounded by Wrought iron fence

Row # 10

Erected by Lizzie, Effie, Harold and Gid
In loving memory of their dad Noah POTTLE  September 12, 1881- July 21, 1960

Also sister Julia Ann POTTLE  March 4, 1910- October 3, 1920

In loving memory of Eliza Caroline beloved wife of Noah POTTLE   Died March 23, 1951 Age 61 yr. Stone erected by her husband

In loving memory of Mildred Beatrice 1940-1943
And Gloria 1958 Beloved children of Max and Caroline DAWE

Next two same plot
In loving memory of George PORTER September 10, 1949 Age 76 yr.
Also his wife Jessie who died February 12, 1948 Age 69 yr.

Emma F. PORTER 1947-1948

In loving memory of Donna Elizabeth darling child of John and Annie George
Died January 14, 1953 at 4 1\2 months

In loving memory of Archibald BRACE May 3, 1965 Age 86 yr.
wife Susannah BRACE Died May 29, 1965 Age 73 yr.
Stone erected by John, Leah and Mary

In memory of Benjamin DAWE January 25, 1975 Age 92 yr.

In loving memory of Maud beloved wife of Benjamin DAWE Died May 3, 1944 Age 58 yr.

Row # 11 Front to rear

In loving memory of Nicholas BUTLER Died April 24, 1960 Age 76 yr.
Wife Mary Ellen BUTLER Died May 1, 1964 Age 75 yr. Stone erected by family

In loving memory of James BAIRD beloved husband of Lavinia
Died January 22, 1940 Age 65 yr.

In loving memory of Lavinia PETTEN Died March 5, 1962 Age 81 yr.

Erected by Esther in memory of her beloved husband Thomas BUSSEY who was lost at the ice field, S.S. Southern Cross on March 31, 1914 Age 23 yr.
Also of their child Cecil Died September 26, 1913 Age 6 months

In memory of Samuel TILLEY Died February 15, 1938 Age 92 yr.

In loving memory of Rebecca beloved wife of Samuel TILLEY Died November 12, 1920 Age 71 yr.

In loving memory of Joseph TILLEY beloved husband of Louisa
Died March 28, 1920 Age 75 yr.

In loving memory of Louisa TILLEY Died August 29, 1934 Age 83 yr.

In loving memory of John WINSOR Died November 15, 1930 Age 81 1\2 yr.

In loving memory of Father Richard PERRIN Died February 26, 1948 Age 77 yr.
and Mother Eunice Died May 8, 1953 Age 75 yr. Stone erected by children

In loving memory of a dear husband and father John PERRIN
Died March 28, 1964 Age 61 yr. Stone erected by wife and sons Harold, William and John

Wayne Francis DAWE Died February 29, 1988Age 15 yr.

Unmarked grave

In loving memory of Albert DAWE Died February 5, 1939 Age 54 yr.
Stone erected by William Butler

Francis DAWE 5733 Private Royal Nfld. Reg. WW1 August 12, 1988 Age 95 yr.

Mark EASON November 16, 1944-March 18, 1998

Row # 12 Rear to front

In loving memory of Gus ATKINS who drowned on July 11, 1925 Age 25 yr.

EASON Father Ernest February 1, 1916-July2, 1995     Mother Margaret October1,1917-
In loving memory of Lillian darling child of Earnest and Margaret Eason
Died June 17, 1951 Age 3 1\2 yr.

Edwin EASON July 15, 1925-October 15, 1988 Stone erected by brother John

Erected by wife and child in loving memory of Mark Fenwick EASON Died February 5, 1937 Age 49 yr.

In sacred memory of John EASON beloved son of John and Elizabeth   who departed this life on
November 30, 1917 Age 25 yr.

In loving memory of John EASON beloved husband of Elizabeth  Died September 30, 1921 Age 68 yr.

In loving memory of Mother Elizabeth EASON Died October 23, 1949 at age 90 yr.
Stone erected by her son William

EASON, William 1901-1991

Wooden Cross Gerald and Arthur NOSEWORTHY No dates

3 plots for Dawe

Next 4 same plot
In loving memory of Mary HENNESSEY DAWE beloved daughter of John and Elizabeth Dawe
Died January 5, 1924 Age 19 yr.

In loving memory of John Greenland son of John and Elizabeth DAWE
Died February 22, 1923 Age 25 yr.

To the sacred memory of Capt. William Cave DAWE Died October 14, 1920 Age 32 yr.
Son of John and Elizabeth Dawe
Stone erected by Capt. Sarah Shute and mother

In beloved memory of Elizabeth (Cave) DAWE Died November 9, 1951 Age 95 yr.

Row #13

Louisa Jane TAYLOR and children

Unmarked grave

In loving memory of Edgar Lorne DAWE beloved son of Henry and Winnie Dawe
Died March 4, 1959 Age 26 yr.

In loving memory of Jessie DAWE Died December 5, 1940 Age 79 yr.

In loving memory of Samuel beloved husband of Jessie DAWE Died June 22, 1938 Age 84 yr.

In loving memory of Edward beloved husband of
Mary JENNINGS who died December 22, 1943 at age 67 yr.

3 unmarked graves

Erected by Mrs. A.J. Ellis in fond memory of her dear father Eli BISHOP
Died December 29, 1929 at age 69 yr.

In loving memory of mother Belinda BISHOP beloved wife of Eli Bishop
DIED August 13, 1941 Age 77 yr.

Jacob PORTER Canadian Army WW1 1890-1947 Lest we forget

In loving memory of our mother and father
Mary A. STANLEY Died March 12, 1929 Age 55 yr.
William STANLEY who drowned March 31, 1914 Age 46 yr.

Row #14

In loving memory of Bertha beloved daughter of Samuel and Maria MUGFORD
Died September 18, 1913 Age 19 yr.

In loving memory of Samuel beloved husband of Maria MUGFORD
Died November 25, 1931 Age 64 yr.

Sarah SEARLES January 12, 1935 at age 50 yr.

Marion WALLACE October 24, 1985 at age 71 yr.

In loving memory of  Hannah PETTEN Blank
Albert PORTER 1878-1919
Selina PORTER 1875-1956

2 unmarked graves

Dora Marie January 1937 Age 2 months    William Edgar August 1939 Age 14 months
Stone erected by Trudy

In loving memory of John F. SEXTON beloved husband of
Harriet L. Sexton Died March 13, 1943 Age 61 yr.
Also their daughter Doreen killed by motor car on July 24, 1932 Age 9 1\2 yr.
Stone erected by Family

In loving memory of Clarice Louise darling child of Cyril and Margaret SEXTON
Died September 8, 1948 Age 14 months
Stone erected by Mom, Dad and Sister

In loving memory of Zachariah DAWE beloved husband of Mary Dawe
Died October 1, 1971 Age 86 yr. Stone erected by wife and family

In loving memory of Mary Frances beloved wife of Zachariah DAWE
Died August 21, 1981 Age 89 yr. Stone erected by Rach

In memory of a dear husband and father Henry DAWE Died October 21, 1980 Age 69 yr.
Stone erected by wife and family.

This concludes the readings taken from this cemetery. I complied this information in July 1998 so of course doesn't include anyone who may have passed after that date. Also there may be more unmarked graves than I have included. I may have other info on some of these people if you should find one of your ancestors on this list




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