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     Conception Bay South, Newfoundland

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Badcock, Robert - Q.M. 23rd Regiment N.G. Born September 10, 1880, Harbour Grace, the son of Robert and Jane (Crane) Badcock.  Educated at Victoria Street and Grammar Schools, Harbour Grace.  Married January 15, 1908 to Jeanette Ward Ameli.

Baird, John Boyd - Born January 30,1886 in St. John's, son of John A.M. and Julia Anna Baird.  Educated at Methodist and Presbyterian Colleges, St., John's and graduated from McGill University in 1908 with B.Sc. in civil engineering; followed by M.Sc. in 1909.

Bambrick, Michael -  Born October 3, 1867, St. John's; son of Michael and Elizabeth (Meaney) Bambrick.  Educated at Old Orphanage Asylum School.  Entered butchering business 1880.  Appointed Sub-Road Inspector, St. John's West, 1889.  Appointed Road Inspector St. John's Municipal Council, 1894.  Became Government Road Inspector St. John's 1917. Married May 24, 1913 to Lucy Molloy, of St. Mary.s.

Barbour, Capt. George -

Barbour, Capt. Stanley G. -


BENNETT, John H. -  Born October 16, 1879, Bell Island, Newfoundland, the son of William and Mary Bennett.  Educated at the Public School, Bell Island.  Formerly Manager Euphrates Steam Ship Company.  Elected head of the poll with considerable majority in the first Bell Island Council.  Very active in promoting the advancement of Bell Island politically, commercially and socially.  Owner and proprietor J.H. Bennett Dry Good, Groceries and Provisions.  Married 1922 to Amelia A.. Andrews

BOND, Right Honourable Sir Robert -  Born February 26, 1857 at St. John's, Newfoundland, the son of John and Elizabeth Bond, of Devonshire and Kent, England.  His father conducting an extensive mercantile business at St. John's for more than half a century, under the name of William Hounsell & Co.  Robert was educated at Queen's College, Taunton, England.  Studied for the Bar, but entered politics before being called thereto.  Entered the Newfoundland Legislature 1882.  Elected Speaker of the Assembly, 1884.  Executive Councilor, with portfolio of Colonial Secretary, 1889-97.  Appointed a delegate to Her Majesty's Government on the French Treaties Question in 1890.  In the same year Her Majesty appointed him to assist Lord Pauncefote in negotiating a Reciprocity Treaty with the United States; and he was mainly instrumental in completing what is known as the Bond-Blaine Convention. Bond was one of the delegates appointed by the Government to meet Sir John Thompson, Sir McKenzie Bowell and Sir Adolph Chapleau at Halifax on the Newfoundland Fisheries Question in 1892.  Appointed chairman of the delegation sent by the Government to Ottawa Conference in 1895.  Special delegate to Conference on French Treaties in Downing Street in 1901.  Recipient of the Freedom of the City of Edinburgh in 1902.  In the same year was authorized by His Majesty's Government to reopen negotiations with the United States for reciprocal trade between that country and Newfoundland and succeeded in concluding a treaty known as the Hay-Bon Treaty; assisted in drafting regulations for carrying out Anglo-French Convention in 1904.  Freedom on Cities of Long, Bristol and Manchester in 1907.  Premier and colonial Secretary of Newfoundland from 1900-1908.  Bond retired from politics in 1913.  Knighted by the King in 1901.  Degree of Doctor of Laws (Edinburgh).  Made honorary Vice-President of the Royal Society of St. George, England.

BRIEN, Joseph J. - Born September 16, 1876, Bay Bulls, Newfoundland, son of George and Elizabeth (Walsh) Brien.  Educated at Public School, Bay Bulls. From 1893 to 1896 was fishing out of Gloucester and captain of yacht for five years.  Manager Continental Fish Company till 1921, when he formed company of Brien & Mahon.  Operated an extensive wholesale fish business at Fulton Fish Market.  President and Director of Messrs. Brien & Mahon, wholesale fish dealers.  Married in 1903 to Mary Tobin.  Residence in 1927, Brooklyn, New York.

Bowring Brothers, Limited - Shipowners: Fish and General Merchants, Steamship Agents ---   From 1811 to date - a period of 116 years - the Bowring firm has been continuously engaged in the country's commerce.  This firm has operated in Newfoundland longer than many New World cities have been in existence.  From St. John's there commenced the activities of a commercial and industrial edifice world-wide in its present ramifications.

In 1811 Benjamin Bowring, a reputed watch and clock maker, left his native Exeter, England, and sailed to Newfoundland to become the first of that profession to operate in the oldest Colony.  To get an idea of the skill of the first Bowring in Newfoundland, it is only necessary to say that several of the clocks made by him even before he came to the country are still in existence in St. John's - and not only in existence, but keeping perfect time.

He had four sons, Charles T., Edward, Henry and John, who were the original Bowring Brothers.  They established the general business of the country at about the same location of the present premises of the firm.  Charles T. Bowring went to England to act there as agent for Bowring Brothers.  He established there a business - C.T. Bowring & Co., Ltd. - which has expanded to tremendous proportions, dealing in all kinds of primary products, owning and operating ships, acting as brokers, etc., with branches throughout the United Kingdom and on all the five continents of the world.

Bowring Brothers, always in the front rank of the progressive merchants of Newfoundland, expanded steadily year by year and decade by decade, until their ramifications became country-wide.  The firm supplies for the fisher; purchases fish and markets large quantities in the foreign markets.  They own four sealing ships, namely, S.S. Terra Nova, Eagle, Ranger and Viking.  Since the firm first engaged in the great Newfoundland seal hunt in 1866 they brought to port in their ships approximately 5,000,000 seals.

They do an important oil manufacturing business, and through their big general stores do an extensive business in everything consumed by the people, from the proverbial needle to an anchor.  For 23 years Bowring Bros., Ltd., owned and operated a fleet of coastal steamers which carried mails, freight and passengers, around 6,000 miles of the Newfoundland coast.  They sold their steamers in the Newfoundland Government, which now operates them.

The present Chairman of C.T. Bowring & Co., Ltd., is Mr. F.C. Bowring, J.P., Lord Mayor of Liverpool, 1925-26.  He is the son of John Bowring, one of the founders, and a brother of Sir Edgar R. Bowring, Kt., who was for forty years Chairman of Bowring Brothers, Ltd., and who a few years ago was appointed by the Newfoundland Government to be this country's High Commissioner in Great Britain, Sir Edgar being the first to occupy the office, doing so gratuitously.  The Directors of Bowring Bros., Lt., in Newfoundland are Mr. Eric A. Bowring and Mr. Edgar R. Bowring Jr., both great-grandsons of the founder.

The Bowring firm was incorporated as a limited liability company in 1900, being the first Newfoundland firm so to incorporate.  In 1911 the firm celebrated its centenary, and to signalize the auspicious occasion present to the City of St. John's what is now known as Bowring Par, a very beautiful natural park on the outskirts of the city.  The land on which stand the Y.M.C.A. Building was also donated, while the name of the Bowring firm in Newfoundland stands to everybody as a symbol of many public benefactions.




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